Why Join the JDPN?

Who is eligible to join? 
  • Any individual working as an Independent Freelance Designer, a Full-time Staff Designer or a Manufacturing Designer in the areas of Commercial Jewelry Manufacture, Designer Jewelry Manufacture, Fine and/or Costume Jewelry.  These individuals would join as Designer Members. 

  • Jewelry Professionals in related areas which serve or support the Design Community are invited to join as Affiliate Members.  Membership status and benefits will be identical to the Designer Members.

  • Students can join as Student Members.  Membership status and benefits will be identical to the the Designer Members.
How much does membership in the JDPN cost?
  • Designer and Affiliate members pay $65.00 per year - January to January
  • Student Members pay $35.00 per year - January to January
Some of the benefits and services available to members include:
  • Member Directory
  • An informative Newsletter with articles on members, galleries and shops, job openings, technical information, and much more - published three times a year. 
  • Referrals available to legal council (Jewelry industry specialist Attorney) 
  • Updated JDPN Website with industry links and information. 
  • Online gallery to self promote. Includes links to your web page. 
  • Involvement in industry events, such as trade shows and educational seminars. 
  • Informative Meetings featuring jewelry professionals discussing topics ranging from trends to pricing to copyrighting and more. (small fee for non-members) 
  • Career Forum meetings where jewelry professionals share career knowledge and experiences. (small fee for non-members) 
  • Social Meetings - held twice a year at various NYC restaurants - allow members to get to know each other over dinner and drinks. (small fee for all attendees). 
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