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Stephanie Occhipinti is a native New Yorker, proud mother of two, and an industry-renowned jewelry designer with a love of travel and nature that seeps effortlessly into her designs. She has honed her craft through 30 years of behind-the-scenes jewelry designing for some of the most successful fine jewelry markets in America. She continually reinforces her presence in the industry by designing for a select group of high profile brands and a recipient of several nationwide jewelry design awards.

Stephanie Occhipinti Design stresses excellence created through decades of experience and socially conscious production. As such, Stephanie Occhipinti Design only uses the highest quality nickel free sterling silver and gold vermeil, beautiful faceted gemstones, and genuine leather cords, free of harmful dyes and chemicals.
“Wings of Lace" and “Winged Halo” are part of my EMPI Collection. EMPI means "flying swallow" in traditional Japanese style Shotokan Karate, a style of martial arts I have practiced for 20 years to achieve a black belt. EMPI is a kata characterized by swooping up and down motions of this spirited bird. It inspires power, grace and movement infused in this design.