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Wesley William Kropp

Designer of Jewels and Art Objects
I invite you to avail yourself of my vast talents as a designer, draughtsman and expert in renderings in water color. Elegance, opulence, and fine attention to detail are hallmarks of my work.

Everything from the most expensive to less expensive jewelry has been designed by me. The pictures shown here are of jewelry and art objects and range from technical drawings to water color renderings, all done by my own hand.

I am fully able to work in a wide range of styles, although I am very classical in my views. The classics shape that which is well done and modern today.

I have designed: jewelry (both fine and fashion), porcelain, clocks, picture frames, boxes, candle holders, which is just a small list of numerous art objects. I have also designed: logos, store displays, settings, etc. this because of my showmanship abilities and presentation skills. 

I am a major art object designer for Jay Strongwater, and thus, my work is sold in Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue under his name.

I worked extensively for Tiffany & Co., and numerous jewelry manufacturing companies. Some of the persons for whom I have worked: The Princess Borghese, Ivana Trump, Joan Rivers, and various private persons who wished to have the flair of my design.

My extensive training included post graduate studies with three masters of design. Additionally I worked for six years with a prominent French jeweler who made jewelry for the King and Queen of Spain, the Duchess of Windsor, Maria Callas, as well as some of the art jewels for Salvador Dali. I benefited greatly dealing with the marvelous jewels that came across my desk.

Two of the pictures included here show rooms from my French Second 
Empire house, rooms I designed and decorated. It is also to show you the 
environment in which I do my greatest work. The glorious art and decoration 
of bygone ages has influenced me, and also acts as a framework on which
to build contemporary design.

Motto: My genius is not expensive; it is priceless!

Thank you for perusing my work.

Wesley William Kropp

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