Toni Lyn Judd

Toni Lyn Judd,   Fine Jewelry Sales Representative
Toni Lyn Judd has been a professional sales representative in the fine jewelry industry, in New England,  since 1976.  Her career began by making her own jewelry, selling it at home-based craft parties, and eventually “going on the road”  to sell to retailers.
Her professional career took off at a time when there were few traveling saleswomen, in the industry, so she had to rely on representing non-mainstream craftspeople. These developing designers, eventually became instrumental in propelling to the forefront the American craft market known today as “Designer Jewelry“.  
Today, Toni Lyn’s customers include the American craft gallery, the contemporary jeweler, and the traditional jewelry retail markets. For two decades she represented  American designers exclusively, and specialized in integrating their collections into  fashion-forward  retail stores.  In the mid 1990’s she introduced more traditional lines into her collection, and expanded the diversity of her customers throughout the northeast.  In 1998, after traveling solo for 22 years, her husband, Phil, joined Toni Lyn & Co.  He added his expertise in graphic design and complimentary personality to their growing business.  Currently, they have over 200 active retail clients and represent some of the finest designers in the industry.  
Toni Lyn was founder and first president of the New England Women’s Jewelry Association (NEWJA) in 1982. NEWJA was the precursor to the Womens Jewelry Association, which is now an international Organization with over 1,000 members.  Toni Lyn served on the NEWJA and WJA board of directors for over ten years.  In 1992 she was awarded Salesperson of the Year.  Antonia Wechsler and Stephanie Occhipinti’s conception of the JDPN was inspired by conversations with Toni Lyn about the WJA’s early development history and ideals. She has been an associate member of the JDPN since its inception.   Throughout the 1990's Toni Lyn presented seminars on retailing designer jewelry at national trade shows, founded and led retail networking groups, and consulted for designers and retailers.  She was also Treasurer of the Contemporary Design Group for 5 years and is currently on the advisory board. 
The year 2006 was another milestone for them.  After 25 years of representing Tom Kruskal Designs, Tom designed  a 5 piece diamond ensemble in Toni Lyn’s name.  The “TLC Spiral Collection” honors their long term working relationship with each other and retailers throughout the United States. The collection has been received by retailers and their customers beyond their expectations. 
For Toni Lyn, the rewards of a life in the jewelry industry are best characterized as the pleasure of interacting with customers and designers, the art of the sale, and the joy of a business career in which the product is a gift given from the heart as an expression of love.  Toni Lyn has always believed in being passionate and loving what you do.  Although it has required working hard she is proud of  a lifetime of accomplishment, the wonderful relationships that have developed and the enjoyment it continues to be.  Toni Lyn is   devoted to her 5 grandchildren and spends her private time  creating and refining an Asian inspired home and garden with her  husband on Cape Cod. 
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Spiral Collection
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